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I want to help you improve your health, I try to provide the best customer service I can. Please call me anytime or email me with any questions you have, I am happy to answer.

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If you experience any problems with this website or when ordering, please contact me and I will fix the issue immediately. Thank you.

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Below is not related to Richway Fuji Bio. This is something I use myself and want to share.

For 6 years I had an Unlimited phone plan with Sprint thinking I needed it. I was paying $70 per month. I decided to look at my account and see if I could find a cheaper plan and found my usage was less than 1 GB of data each month and most months less than a quarter of a GB a month. I am on Wi-Fi almost all the time at home and work, and when I'm not I'm not usually watching lots of videos, I'm sometimes on Spotify, but nothing that uses much data, I don't need Unlimited data. I do like the unlimited calls/text. I found a few plans that were maybe $5 cheaper, but not much for 1 line. My phone was having issues, but I didn't make any changes.
So as Black Friday ads starting popping up I decided it was time for a change. Such great ads for getting a top of the line free phone when you switch and get Unlimited everything. Unfortunately my 6 year old Samsung Galaxy 6S phone had zero trade-in value so those deals did not apply to me. I still needed a new phone. I saw some ads for cheaper phone companies like Mint Mobile that were pay-as-you-go which sounded like too much work and wouldn't have unlimited calls/texts. After researching I found that they do have plans with unlimited everything that were cheaper. So I researched these companies, they are called MVNO which basically means they share the cell towers of the major carriers. So after comparing plans I chose Tello Mobile. They are on the TMobile/Sprint network which I am used to already. In fact I have had Tello since December 2020 and I have noticed Zero issues, I actually forgot I was on their plan and not still with Sprint. This is a pay-as-you-go company, but I set up automatic payments so it doesn't seem like it. If you need extra data in a given month you can buy more without it affecting your plan, but I just set it and forget it.
Tello had a good introductory price and monthly after that as well as good reviews especially for customer service. I also kept my current number. The introductory plan I signed up with was 4 GB data with unlimited calls/texts for 3 months for $10 per month, then $14 per month after that. So I am saving $56 per month. Then I will switch to their 1 GB plan with unlimited calls/texts for $10 per month. So I will be saving $60 per month. They change introductory offers once in awhile, but they always are really good deals. They sell phones, too, I ended up buying a new phone for a small discount.
If you would like to check them out please click this link: This is my referral link and if you decide to sign up with them we each will get $10 toward future bill with Tello. Take a look at your current phone plan and see how much data you really use, be sure to check out any month you used the most data and if that is something that only happened that one time. Figure out your usual data and check out the plans, if you need it they have Unlimited Data/Calls/Text for $39 per month, and family plans, too.
(Pricing as of Feb. 2020)


*Legal Disclaimer. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. These studies have not been conducted using the Biomat and are only provided for informational purposes. The Biomat is not approved for any use other than what is stated in the User Manual. Richway and Fuji Bio Inc is neither responsible for nor endorses the contents on this page. Users of the Biomat should not expect results similar to the studies.

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